Why Does an Author Need a Press Release?

I first saw the post on Book Daily, a helpful site for emerging authors.

It’s valuable to use news releases in your online marketing program. You can create opportunities to expand your book’s readership when you use this strategy effectively. Here are several key benefits:

Publicity: Everybody who reads the press release is now aware of you and your book! Plus, a whole industry of press release distribution websites has emerged, making it easier to get your release posted in a variety of places. This increases the chances of being seen.

Credibility: Although promotional in nature, a press release often carries a higher degree of credibility than a sales brochure in a typical reader’s mind.

Collateral material: You can use press releases as collateral material as you establish yourself. Post your releases on your website or blog, distribute them to your email list, and print up hard copies to distribute as appropriate at book signings and in meetings.

Economical: The cost of this strategy is very small relative to the benefits. As a writer, you can certainly create your releases for free! (Note that there is a specific writing style that is recommended for this type of work. Many of the press release distribution sites offer valuable tips on this subject.) Most sites provide free distribution with the opportunity to pay for a premium service.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): By getting your releases on their sites, you increase the opportunity for your website to show up in search rankings. This is obvious, but be sure to include links back to your site in your releases!


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