What Should You Do About a Bad Review?

Most authors have had them.  The dreaded bad review.  The first instinct is to respond.  No, actually, the first reaction is to fume!  Then, we want to respond.  But should we?

Here’s an interesting article on the subject.


4 comments to What Should You Do About a Bad Review?

  • Cynthia Marie Rose

    Grow thicker skin, and if you’re going to respond to a bad review….be kind. Be polite. Always. If it doesn’t apply, let it fly. But, we can certainly learn from our readers, at times. Let them know you ‘hear’ them. They are your audience and will be buying more of your books if you impress them with a professional attitude.

    Good luck to you.

  • admin

    I think your “thicker skin” comment is right on. Not everyone is going to like what you write, so get over it!

  • It depends on the comment. If the commenting person is accusing you of a really negative issue, you may choose to comment, in a kind way, as was mentioned. For the most part, it seems negative comments should be let go. Usually the person has a chip on their shoulder, and you cannot change that by responding, and in fact, you’ll only stir the pot and receive more of the same. Use your judgement and determine where the commenter is coming from. If they have a chip on their shoulder, leave them alone, and eventually they’ll forget it!

  • admin

    Good advice, Jeremiah.

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