Using a Blog as Part of Your Writing Platform

Authors are constantly told they need a blog.  Setting one up is fairly easy, but then comes the paralyzing thought — what should I write about?  The first step is to decide what you want the focus to be (e.g. your writing journey, author interviews, book reviews, etc. ).  You don’t have to stick to this theme, but it will help you get started.   

The most popular blogs are how-tos or opinions or reactions to things the author has read or heard about.  For a writer it might be about an author event you attended or an article you read in Publishers Weekly.  Pick things that will make your readers think — better yet, ask them what they think.  Be honest with your writing and write about things that really interest you.  Post links to other pages that support or contradict your opinions.  Get involved in networks; LinkedIn has a variety of  groups to choose from.  

Remember, blogging is a commitment.  You can’t just drop in once in a while.  Create a regular schedule, one that’s realistic considering your time constraints.  It pays to plan ahead.  Keep a list of ideas or better yet, some draft posts ready to go for those times you can’t think of anything interesting to say.

Blogging is not only important in creating your platform, it’s an excellent way to make connections and learn from other people.  And we all know how important networking is.  Happy blogging!



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  • How do I turn a website into a blog? Barbara

  • admin

    Sorry, Barbara, but you can’t. You may be able to link a blog to your site, but you would have to ask a person much more technically knowledgeable than I. I use a WordPress hosted site that a combination blog and website.

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