Sell Your Gift Book to Hallmark

Did you know that Hallmark purchases gift books from Indie publishers? It has to be returnable with a big discount (50-70% off the list price), but quantity sales could make up for it. Books priced at $10-$15 sell best. You can start the submission process by contacting the Retail Marketing & Merchandising Manager at  Be sure to include your title or the line of books you propose, demonstrate that you know their stores and describe your promotion plans. 



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  • I would like you to consider my “humor” cookbook. Please check it out at

  • I would like to have my books available in Hallmark retail stores. has both books in their system. A am doing a trilogy. The first book is…Three and Out: The Saga of a San Fransisco Apartment Manager and the second is…Three and Out: Running a Mental Health Hospital in San Antonio…and is a regional best seller. My third and last book…The Chicago Terminus…is currently being printed.

    Thank you.

  • admin

    You need to re-read my post and email the contact at Hallmark, not me.

  • admin

    You need to re-read my post and contact Hallmark directly, not me.

  • I am requesting that my wedding and baby shower gift books be considered. However, I thought Hallmark does not accept new books, which my books are.

  • admin

    You need to send your info to the email address in my post to find out if they’re interested in your books.

  • admin

    Hi Nancy,
    I wrote a blog post about contacting Hallmark, but I have no connection to them. Try googling “how to contact Hallmark,” or something similar.
    Good luck,

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