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Kindle Book ReviewBack in July, I did a post about a new service offered by Kindle Book Review.  They were offering a free professional review to indie authors to help boost their sales and put them on a more level field with authors who are traditionally published. I got some pushback from other authors saying that this service wasn’t affiliated with Kindle and probably was some kind of scam or hoax, but I decided to give the free offer a try.

Voila! It worked. Within a few weeks I received a message from Amazon that a new review had been posted for my novel Husbands May Come and Go but Friends are Forever. Here is an excerpt from the 5-star review:

“California author Judith Marshall wrote this delicious novel in 2009 and it remains a popular favorite among women of a certain age – as well as readers who simply enjoy excellent writing. Though falling into the category of `chick lit’ (a VERY lucrative and popular assignation these days!) Judith Marshall just writes so well that it is doubtful this book will ever fall out of favor. Not only can she distill the humor of the baby boomer (and a few years before the designated starting point of 1946!) age, especially women who have come through the `Mad Men’ housewife station and advanced to independent careers, but she can also plumb the depths of honest expression of loss, love, need, hope and hilarity that accompanies that segment of our society. Marshall’s been there done that approach to this novel makes it not only wholly credible, but wonderfully heart felt and enormously fun to read.”

I couldn’t be more pleased with the result and I’d encourage authors to check out the services offered at KindleBookReview, which is an Amazon affiliate.


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  • John Simmons

    You are not the first to recommend this site, but I lost the link, so thanks for reminding me where these folks are.
    I was also very pleased with their service. John

  • admin

    You’re welcome.

  • Judith,
    This email I sent today just bounced, so I hope reaching you via your blog is OK:

    I’m just writing to check whether this information I sent helped.
    Did it? I just wanted to check you were OK with all of it.

    Best wishes – Ricardo

    ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject: RE: I’m an author – I have a question – KindleBookReview
    Date: Sat, October 11, 2014 8:18 pm
    To: “Judith Marshall”

    I believe some people are just against paid reviews, and KindleBookReview services offers both a paid service and a free review service.

    There are a good number of independent and respected sources endorsing KindleBookReview such as:
    Rebecca Dahkle at
    In her book she advises indie authors on how to get reviews and lists us as a trusted and reliable source.

    Another very trusted and respected source is Sandra Beckwith. In her article and webinar on “How to Get Honest Book Reviews” she lists us, see:

    I could name other published books for indie authors that list us, but I hope this is enough.

    Best wishes – Ricardo

  • admin

    No, I didn’t get your message before this. It’s been so long I forget the original message I sent, but I believe it was a complaint that an author was refused a free review. Please look back and see what I sent you.

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