Get in Front of People to Build Your Brand

Okay, so you’ve written a book. How are potential readers going to find out about it? Sure there are the traditional steps – get reviews, use social media, start a website/blog. How about doing some public speaking? People want to connect a face with a book. Volunteer to speak at local groups. They don’t have to be writers’ groups. I’ve spoken at women’s clubs, gardening groups, libraries, even assisted living facilities as shown in this picture. You can talk about your writing or a hobby, anything that gets you in front of new people and gives you something to blog about later. Take pictures of you with the group. Of course, you’ll bring a few books to sell. 🙂

Teaching writing is another great way to get out in front of the public. It brands you as an expert. Think about all you have learned writing your book and turn it into a workshop or lecture. Print up a flyer with your picture, contact info, a photo of your book cover, the title of your presentation and a few topics you’ll cover. Have a supply of flyers with you at all times and pass them out or leave one at every stop you make in your daily routine. You’d be surprised at how many groups are looking for speakers.

Now get out there and promote!


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