Another Reason to Upload Your Ebook to Smashwords

If your ebook is on Smashwords, it can now be available through the Apple iBookstore, which has a global reach to 50 countries. Apple is today the largest retailer for Smashwords authors. Once your book is available on Smashwords, post a direct hyperlink to your book page on Apple.  In fact, why not post a link to every retailer that carries your book so your fans can purchase your book from their favorite source?

Use Apple’s free Link Maker to create a link to your book at any of Apple’s 50 stores and sell more books!  That’s the point, isn’t it?


4 comments to Another Reason to Upload Your Ebook to Smashwords

  • Sounds pretty awesome! Now, if I could only find my motivation, inspiration, muse, or whatever it is to get my butt in gear and write something worth publishing. Thanks, as always, Judith. I love the tips that you find and share.

  • admin

    You’re welcome. Hopefully you’ll have all the tools you need when you’re ready to publish.

  • Smashwords is kind of interesting, sales-wise. I hardly sell any books through Smashwords itself. But Apple is my second biggest sales venue, and I sell to Apple only through Smashwords.

  • admin

    Yes, that is interesting. I don’t sell many books through their other distribution retailers, but many this new relationship with Apple will change that.

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